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Dmytro Morykit



  • Solo piano concert alongside classic silent film.
  • This live score is a dramatic and stunning experience.
  • "Exquisite score one of the best theatrical experiences."
  • "Absolutely brilliant. Brought a genuine classic to new life"
  • "A creative and performing tour de force."


Dmytro is based in North Yorkshire but performs across the UK and mainland Europe, with regular concerts in London.

Standard Set Times

  • Up to two hour performance, with interval.

About this Act

Dmytro is a professional and accomplished composer/pianist who has played for rock and pop bands, theatre, special events and collaborative work with other artists. In 2014 he hit the headlines with his classical piano concert alongside two classic silent films, FW Murnau's Nosferatu and Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

His performance described as 'Spectacular' and 'Electrifying' by sell-out audiences in London and beyond. Here's a review from the

Set List

Metropolis LIVE - 2 hour with interval
Nosferatu LIVE - 1.5 hrs with interval
The Immigrant (for Chaplin film) - half an hour


  • Solo pianist and composer with introduction by producer and film.