Music Apps For Music Lovers

Though mobile phones now have apps for just about anything you could imagine, some of the happiest customers in recent years have been music lovers. Again, mobile phones are equipped with nearly endless capabilities, but the plethora of music-related apps has given music fans more opportunities than ever before to enjoy what they like, and to find new artists and songs. It doesn’t matter which of the various impressive O2 mobile smart phones you end up with – chances are, you’ll have access to many of these great music apps. Here are a few examples of popular downloads:

Shazam – One of the best apps out there for finding new music, Shazam works in a very unique way. Instead of helping you to find new music through searching for artists similar to those you know, etc., Shazam actually works by recognizing songs that you hear, but don’t know. For example, say you are watching a TV show and enjoy a song on its soundtrack – all you have to do is run Shazam, and the app will “listen to” and recognize the song, allowing you to download it for yourself.

Pandora – Already popular as an Internet website, Pandora’s app version has made it even more accessible. Also designed to help you find more music you will like, Pandora allows you to create personalized radio stations based on your own taste. You simply start off a station with an artist or song, and Pandora does its best to keep playing similar music. Sometimes you simply get more of the same, but it is also a great way to discover new bands you’ll love.

Spotify – Often confused with Pandora, Spotify is a newer app designed at allowing you to access any song you want, any time. While there is a monthly fee for this service, the ultimate result is far cheaper than paying for every song you like. Spotify does nothing to expand your library or taste in music, but you can make and save play lists, and search for any song, at any time. Basically, it’s like having an unlimited iTunes.

Songza – If you’ve ever been in a mood for a very specific type of music, but you don’t have a relevant play list handy, then Songza may be for you. You can literally pick a mood or situation, such as “driving,” or “working out,” or even “cooking Sunday brunch,” and Songza compiles play lists of songs that fit that mood. Of course, this isn’t 100% accurate, but it can be fun to play around with, and can also lead you to new music you may enjoy.

Written by guest writer Daniel Hodge

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