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Xtreme Degree



  • 4 piece cover band
  • Wide repertoire playing exotic sounds of the past to the present day
  • Playing mainly popular Caribbean, pop, ballads and Latin tunes.
  • Insrumental and Vocals.
  • Limbo dancer on request


The band are based in east London and frequently play across all of Hertfordshire and east of England.

Standard Set Times

  • 3 x 40 minutes sets with breaks

About this Act

Xtreme degree is a mixed band who have been playing together for many years. They play most genres of music from pop, power ballads, soca, reggae, instrumentals and R&B. The band has performed at many prestigious venues such as Raffles resort (Canouan), Butlins resort, The Marriot hotel, The Ritz hotel, and also at weddings, parties, cruise ship berth (St. Vincent and the grenadines).

The band consists of keyboard, guitar, bass, vocals, and steel pan. Xtreme degree also has singer/songwriters who perform and record their original songs. The song "If you wanna be with me" composed by Anna-Maria Miguel has received air play on radio shows in the UK and in Florida.

Set List

Wait in vain-Bob Marley
A few stolen moments-Whitney Houston
Valerie - Amy Winehouse
Monkey man- Amy Winehouse
Hot hot hot-arrow
Power of love - Celine Dion
Hammer - (instrumental steel pan)
Sugar bum bum - (instrumental steel pan)
Brazil (instrumental)
Celebration - Kool and the gang


  • 4 piece band consisting of Steel pan, Bass, Guitar and vocals.


  1. Xtreme Degree

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