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The Richt Hoat Chillis



  • 4 piece Red Hot Chilli Peppers Tribute Band


Based in Edinburgh but play regularly throughout Scotland and across the UK.

Standard Set Times

  • 90 minutes of material done in one session or split how you like (i.e. 2x45 minute sets)

About this Act

The Richt Hoat Chillis are 4 very experienced Musicians with a mutual love of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They provide the visual experience as well as the music and give a high energy rocking performance.

Vocalist Rick Wreck is stunning as Anthony Keides. His powerful voice and rhythmic rapping are delivered with conviction and his Bleach Blonde hair and punk rock credentials deliver the attitude.

Frusciante duties are taken by veteran performer Andy Watson. Playing in Rock Blues and Metal bands since the age of 14 he has well over 1000 gigs under his belt. He shares a lot of influences with Frusciante (Zappa, Hendrix, The Beatles) and is able to communicate the soul behind the playing. Strong Harmony Vocals adds to the authenticity of the live show. From the crisp clean lines of Under the Bridge to the Searing Solo in Dani California he is as close to John as any Scotsman with a checked shirt can be.

The slapping funky eccentric style of Jose de las Heras is a fitting tribute to Flea. Gluing the band together and taking on the mantle of one of the best know bass players in history is no mean task. Jose pulls it off with aplomb . From the melodic lines in “Aeroplane” to the popping funk in “Higher Ground” fans will get a real treat

Drummer Kenny Jackson is Chad. The Pounding beats and the subtle rhythm are locked in tightly with the Bass. The best rhythm section in rock is faithfully reproduced for you.

Set List

Under The Bridge
Give It Away
Suck My Kiss
My Lovely Man
Power of Equality
Knock me Down
Cant Stop
By The Way
Scar Tissue
Fortune Faded
Soul To Squeeze
Higher Ground
Desecration Smile
Dani California
Shes Only 18
Hump De Bump
Tell Me Baby


  • 4 piece band comprising of Vocals, guitar, bass, drums and backing vocals


The  Richt Hoat Chillis : main Freak Music profile photo


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