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The Live Instruments



  • Unique party and function act
  • Near unlimited repertoire as they play along to a DJ's playlist
  • Perform as a three piece act with custom made light up instruments


The band are based between Manchester and Halifax, and regularly gig in Liverpool, Manchester, Halifax, Huddersfield and Leeds and will travel for events.

Standard Set Times

  • 3 x 30 minute sets

About this Act

The Live Instruments are a DJ, Percussionist, Guitarist and Saxophonist Trio who are both visually stunning as well as musically exciting. With all the energy of a live band but the never ending set list of a DJ, they are sure to add a unique twist to any event.

Using the LED bongos alongside the DJ decks Harry creates a great sound and with the addition of Ellie on wireless Light Up Saxophone and Will on transparent guitar, every one will be ready to dance. Each instrument is custom made, so you will never see another show like it, they create the exciting, contagious party atmosphere which can only be achieved with live musicians but at the same time have the ability to play all night by combining with a DJ.


Set List

Coming soon...


  • 3 piece band consisting of a DJ doubling up on bongos, a saxophonist and a guitarist


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