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  • High energy 10-13 piece multi-ethnic world music band
  • playing latin, Afro, Ska and Big Beat
  • Musicians from Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Spain, and the UK


The band are based in Newcastle but regularly play throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Standard Set Times

  • Two 45 minute sets + break

About this Act

The Soznak musical ensemble is the latest addition to the cultural melting pot that is Newcastle upon Tyne In the north of the UK. Soznak is a multi-ethnic world music band, comprising musicians from Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Spain, and the UK. The rich blend of styles in their music reflects the breadth of cultural interplay among the band members.

Soznak large brass and percussion sections irresistibly lifts the feet and the spirits with the dance rhythms of the world You will be unable to stop singing their infectious vocals `Everything is Weekily wo wo wo Weekily` When you have found out what `Weekily` means you will know that you have been Soznaked and there is no going back

Set List

Jazz and swing
C Jam Blues Duke Ellington
All blue Miles Davis
Mood Indigo Duke Ellington
Night in Tunisia Frank Paperelli and Dizzie Gillespie
St James Infirmary Anonymous
Caravan Juan Tizol
Senor blues Horace Silver
Mingoids Soznak
Blue Train John Coltrane
Nail the head Soznak
New Orleans
Mardi Gras traditional
Cook in the kitchen Soznak
Pigbag Mamas gotta brand new pigbag
Watermelon man Herbie Hancock
Bingo Bango
Bailar Soznak
Tequila Chuck Rio
Fondula Soznak
Chuco Soznak
Maysita Soznak
Desire Soznak
Madrugada Soznak
Traffic jambo Soznak
The flow Soznak
Dads Tango Soznak
Stormy weather Soznak
The Jungle beat Rico
One step beyond
Free Nelson Mandela AKA special
Summer time George Gershwin
Harlem nocturne
Middle eastern
Tyne tigris Soznak
Desert rat Soznak
Afro beat
Tata ye mama
Sugar stick Soznak
Town ship afro swing traditional
Weekily Soznak
Ma july Soznak
La paix Soznak
Africa Soznak
Laissez Tombe afro swing traditional


  • The band are made up from 3 vocalists who also play guitar and flute, Electric Bass, Drums, 1 or 2 Percussion, Trumpet piano, Trombone and 3 saxes.


Soznak : main Freak Music profile photo


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