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  • African percussion driven band
  • Excellent repertoire of original songs developed in Liverpool but rooted in Senegal
  • Perform as a 5 piece band and can also reduce to a 5 piece and can complement this with a 3 to 10 piece drumming troupe
  • DJ option available


Rimka are band in Liverpool and have regular gigs in North West of UK and will travel for events.

Standard Set Times

  • Two 45 mins sets with 15-30 min break

About this Act

Rimka perform an original style of music developed in Liverpool and rooted in heritage from Senegal. This music will make any audience jump and dance. A unique blend of Afro-Jazz, Sabar-Beat, and Mbalax. Driven by the frequently insane but always astonishing Sabar beats of world renowned Karim Mbaye. He has played with most of West Africa's top musicians, Baaba Maal, Ismael Lo, Pape and Cheik to mention a few, he has even played with Ray Charles in Paris! This is his first band created to make people dance and enjoy.

Formed in 2015 - they have already played in several festivals in North West and numerous pubs and clubs - twice at Liverpool's premier night spot the Kazimier - where they took the place apart! What ever the venue and who the crowd this band will entertain you and get you dancing - this guaranteed ! Seroiusly guaranteed ! His band is made up of young talented musicians from Liverpool who bring energy an a vibrance which is pretty infectious - Karim creates the animation and beat which gets you lost in Senegal somewhere for a while !

Being a Griot and Master drummer, Karim also runs workshops in Djembe, Talking Drum, Sabar and Dun Dun and can bring his unique drum group to warm up any audience or open any event. If you want African entertainment of the highest level then you need look no further.

Set List

Coming soon...


  • 5 Piece consisting of Percussion / Vocals - Bass Guitar - Keyboard - Drum Kit and Lead Guitar
  • Drum Group - from 3 - 10 depending on booking requirement


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