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Pyro Celtica


  • Fire theatre act
  • Up to 15 fire performers: staff, poi, hula hoop, fire sword fighting, fire whip, various fire juggling, fire eating/breathing, angle grinding, fire fans, stilts etc
  • Up to 5 musicians (fiddle, various percussion, various brass, various woodwind, DJ sets)


The group are based in the Arts Factory in Edinburgh although are willing to travel almost anywhere.

They are experienced globetrotters who are available for performances readily in the UK, and worldwide with negotiable travel expenses.

Standard Set Times

  • 30 minutes up to 2 hours slots.
  • Up to 8 hours performance per day.

About this Act

PyroCeltica are a 20 strong troupe of fire performers and musicians. This years show 'clash of the clans' is choreographed to a unique, live soundtrack composed and performed by 5 Scottish musicians. This is synchronized with pyrotechnic displays and 12 traditionally costumed fire performers depicting Celtic folklore though their own special blend of fire theatre.

They use custom made fire props, costumes and battle weapons to portray tales from a forgotten age with a futuristic twist. Expected lots of fire, with torches, fire cans, burn barrels, flaming sculpture and pyrotechnic displays as the blazing backdrop.

At 30 minutes of high intensity this show is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Suitable for audiences of 50- 50,000.

Individual performers, musicians and technicians are also available for hire up to the full crew of 20.

Other services include.

Fire Cabarets- Assorted fire acts with music for 30 mins up to 2 hours.

Walkabout Characters- a vast array of costumed characters, band of pirates, stilt walking creatures, gargoyles and a herd of cows, designed to roam events provoking smiles.

UV / LED glow shows- High octane performance using glow in the dark costumes and props, ideal for indoor events and dance stages.

CircuSkool Workshops- From experienced leaders in all manner of circus skills. Props for up to 50 participants at once. Suitable for all ages and events.

Based in Edinburgh but willing to travel, PyroCeltica are professional and experienced performers who always put on a great show.

They come fireproofed and ready to burn.

Set List

Fire performers and musicians
No gig too big or too small


  • The best of Scottish Fire theatre is brought to you by PyroCeltica. With a strong crew of 20 fire performers, musicians and technicians collaborating to bring the highest quality entertainment to enhance any event.


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