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Nick Cross



  • Solo guitarist
  • Excellent repertoire of classical and Flamenco pieces and a few Beatles numbers


Nick is based in Chester and happy to travel.

Standard Set Times

  • 45 minutes x 2

About this Act

Nick Cross is a professional guitarist based in Chester and specialises in both classical and Flamenco guitar playing. He initially learnt his craft in Granada in Spain and after intensive training there he travelled to various countries across Europe busking by day and performing at various clubs and bars at night honing his craft. As a solo act, Nick is unobtrusive and can be set up very quickly and in a small space and is at home playing background at weddings as he is for black tie corporate affairs.

Nick appreciates the cost implications of hiring a musician’s in a difficult economic time however believes that music is a vital ingredient for all weddings, restaurants, wine bars and other event venues and is able to provide a service cheaper than most string quartets and bands that require more than one musician. A solo guitarist is also relatively easy for a venue to set up and accommodate, compared to a band, pianist, or string quartet.

Set List

Solea Traditional Falsetas And Compass 1
Solea Traditional Falsetas And Compass 2
Tangos Traditional Falsetas And Compass 1
Tangos Traditional Falsetas And Compass 2
Gerardo Nunez Graninias
Alegrias Raditional Falsetas And Compass 1
Alegrias Traditional Fasetas And Compass For Dance
Paco De Lucia Bulerias
Tomatito Mineria
Paco De Lucia Alegerias De Chicto
Magulena Paco De Lucia
Rodean - Emilio Maya
Zapadeto Ebastyan De Sanlucar
Zapadeto Manola Sanlucar
Morito Chico Bulerias De Morito
Bulerias Traditional Compass And Falsetas
Bulerias Traditional Falsetas And Compass
Bulerias Traditional Falsetas And Compass For Dance
Panderous Ebastyan De Sanlucar
Farruca Traditional Falsetas And Compass
Roma Vincente Amigo
Tres Nota Para De Quiero.
Rumba - Traditional.
Spanish Romanza

The Beatles - When I'm 64
The Beatles - Yellow Submarine
Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven
Michael Jackson - Beat It
Michael Jackson - Billy Jean


  • Solo classical and Flamenco guitarist


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