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Mary Garrad



  • Solo clarsach player/harpist
  • Wide repertoire including traditional Scottish, classical and popular music
  • Special requests welcomed


Mary is based in Perth and plays across Perthshire and central Scotland.

Standard Set Times

  • 1-3 hours with breaks

About this Act

Based in Perthshire, Mary has been playing clarsach for over 20 years. Mary is happy to travel and is available to play for functions all over Scotland. She has wide experience of playing for many occasions including wedding ceremonies, receptions, civil partnerships, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate events.

Mary began playing the clarsach age 9, taught by Isobel Meiras in Edinburgh. For many years, she played as part of a harp ensemble and was delighted to win the Silver Medal in the National Mod as part of a harp duo. Mary plays a Pilgrim clarsach, a very portable 34 string harp with a lovely rich tone. Mary's repertoire is wide and varied, including traditional Scottish melodies, well-known classics and covers of popular favourites. She is happy to tailor her repertoire to suit her client's individual taste and requirements. Recent special requests include the Star Wars theme, an instrumental cover of a Robbie William's song and musical accompaniment to the singing of wedding hymns.

Set List

Canon - Pachelbel
All I Ask of You - Lloyd Webber
Mairi's Wedding

Background music examples:

My Love is like a Red Red Rose
Prelude in C - Bach
Comptine d'un autre ete (Tiersen)
Happy Birthday!
Can't Help Falling in Love - Weiss, Peretti, Creatore
Skye Boat Song
Margaret's Waltz
The Cockle Gatherer
The Lea Rig
The Eriskay Love Lilt
The Dark Island
Mairi's Wedding
Kate Dalrymple
'Sa Choill ud Thall
Morag Nighean Domhnuill Duinn
O Cait an caidil an ribhinn an nochd
Roxburgh Castle
Merry Boys o' Greenland
Sleep soond in da morning
Willa fiord
Caledonia - Dougie MacLean
Carolan's Dream
Eleanor Plunkett
Cairn Water
For the Love of a Princess - Braveheart
A time for Us - Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - from Wizard of Oz
River Flows in You - Yiruma
Music for the Royal Fireworks - Handel
Prelude in C - Bach
Canon - Pachelbel
Trumpet Voluntary - Jeremiah Clarke
Here Comes the Bride - Wagner
Nocturne - Chopin
The Water is Wide - trad
Uir-Chill A' Chreagain
My Love is like a Red Red Rose
Kelvin Grove
Fhear a 'Bhata
Married Life - Up theme tune
Hallelujah - Cohen
All I Ask of You - Lloyd Webber
Comptine d'u autre ete - Tiersen - from Amelie
Happy Birthday!
Pie Jesu - Lloyd Webber
I don't know how to Love Him - Lloyd Webber
Leanaibh an aigh - trad
A Groovy Kind of Love - Wine /Bayer Sager
Spring - Vivaldi
Can't Help Falling in Love - Weiss/Peretti/Creatore
When you Say Nothing at All - Schlitz/Overstreet
The Wild Swan - trad
Annie Laurie - trad
Ca' The Yowes to the Knowes - trad
Lament for a Blind Harper - Stevenson
Loch Tay Boat Song - trad
Leezie Lindsay
Loch Lomond - trad
Ye Banks & Braes
Dumbarton's Drums - trad
Flow Gently Sweet Afton
Blind Mary - Carolan
Ave Maria - Schubert


  • Solo clarsach


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