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  • Roma Gypsy, Balkan and Turkish band
  • Glorious repertoire of traditional Balkan, Turkish and Romanian music
  • Perform as a 5 piece as standard and can expand to 6 or reduce to trio or quartet


The band are based in Leeds and frequently play throughout Yorkshire and the surrounding area.

Standard Set Times

  • Two 60 minute sets with 15 minute break

About this Act

Infused with a fiery passion from the Balkans, this five-piece play Romani Gypsy music as if their lives depended on it! With an infectious energy that draws you into the their music Makanitza inspire awe, bewilderment, joy and laughter wherever they go.

Drawing from the many great traditions of Roma wedding bands, Makanitza play a unique mixture of Balkan dances, Turkish Fasıl and Greek Rembetika with a modern twist. Their expansive repertoire includes pieces from right across the region, bringing the true sound the spirit of the Balkans, this is virtuosic, soul-inspiring music.

Makanitza and its members perform regularly throughout the UK and Europe. Highlights include: BBC radio 3 live session; Boomtown Fair; Beat Herder; Doaslafest Istanbul and the Eden Festival.

Set List

Buba Mara – Trad. Romanian
Gankino Horo – Trad. Bulgarian
Makadonsko Horo – Trad. Bulgarian
Kolo Resavka – Trad. Serbian
Carlama – Trad. Serbian
Odessa Bulgarish – Trad. Klezmer
Geamperale – Trad. Romanian/Hungarian
Dervis Oro – Trad. Macedonian
Turi Mayko Bistra Rakiya – Trad Macedonian
Ay Konya Spreman – Trad. Macedonian
Zeybek – Trad. Greek/Turkish
Kirmet Bacıları – Trad Turkish
Mastika – Trad Turkish/Greek
Babo – Trad. Turkish
Ali Pasa – Trad. Turkish
Nasti Üsava – Trad. Turkish


  • 5 piece band consisting of clarinet, violin, guitar, bass and drums/percussion as standard
  • Also available as an expanded 6 piece and can also reduce down to a trio or quartet


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