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  • 1 laser violin show - full or 'Lumina Lite'
  • 2 laser violin show- 'Lumina Duel'
  • Stunning virtuosos who literally play their violins with laser beams and manipulate lasers during an electrifying performance.


Lumina the Laser Violinist is based in London but travels all over the world to perform her shows.

Standard Set Times

  • Lumina Lite - 5-8 minutes
  • Lumina show - 5-12 minutes
  • Lumina Duel - 5-15 minutes

About this Act

Stunning virtuosos performing the electric violin, who transport the audience on a musical journey from the classics to iconic movie scores. Lumina is much more than an instrumentalist. She is a unique act featuring state of the art laser technology. She literally plays her violin with a laser beam and manipulates lasers during the performance. Lumina is a fusion of music and light.

All four laser violinists are highly skilled performers having graduated from the world's leading conservatoires. They have worked with top London Orchestras, on West End shows and have performed with artists including Beyonce, Cee-Lo Green, Cheryl Cole, Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mark Ronson, Noel Gallagher, Rod Stewart, Dame Shirley Bassey, Simply Red, Take That and The Killers. The girls have performed at Wembley Stadium, Fuji Rock Festival (Japan), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), and appeared on Top of The Pops, X Factor, Jools Holland, MTV and Live from Abbey Road to name just a few. Their string classical foundations combined with the vast experience of live performance create a compelling, visionary performance like no other!

The Show

Lumina the Laser Violinist is a speciality musical act that seamlessly combines high technology, thrilling live music and high impact visuals.

The Music

From a beautifully haunting opening to the dynamic rock classical themes, the Lumina track evolves into a spectacular, cinematic ending and has something for everyone. It cannot fail to evoke emotion and will leave your audience with a spellbinding memory that is talked about for years to come!

The Lasers

Aside from the obvious musical talents of our laser violinists, Lumina interacts directly with high-powered laser beams and stunning laser projection. She even picks up the beams to literally play her violin with a laser that soars into infinity! During this high energy choreographed performance Lumina touches and forms the beams into various shapes, like a spider making a web. She even encloses herself in a cage of spinning laser light, cuts laser beams in half and flashes lasers from her violin above the heads of the audience.

Your Event

Lumina is a brand new concept and as such, it takes a person with vision to fully grasp its magnitude. Lumina can be adapted to work at the majority of events no matter what their size or nature. We recommend that our clients talk to one of our highly trained staff who can explain the concept in greater depth and advise you on which version would be best suited to your event.

New smaller option

'Lumina Lite' has been developed with a smaller laser stand, requires only one technician and is consequently easier to transport. This option still plays big though.

Lumina now performs a brand new 15 - 20 minute cabaret show. This can be performed in 2 different ways:

1. Lumina performs 2-3 exciting new tracks without lasers then goes straight into the main choreographed laser show for an incredibly high impact finish.

2. Lumina begins with the main choreographed laser show and then performs the 2-3 new tracks with a laser projector(s) behind her doing spectacular effects. (Please note that for this option on foreign bookings they would need the extra laser to be hired in).

Set List

The music is a specially recorded fusion of haunting irish melodies, classical crossover and iconic film scores.

This track is also available in a 5.30 minute version without the haunting irish melodies and a scaled down version of the classical crossover pieces. It is even more high impact focusing more on the iconic film score music.


  • 1 laser violinist with laser stand and laser projector. 2 and 3 laser violinists performing together with multiple laser projection as an upgrade option. Custom logo reveals can also be an added option.


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