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  • Supertramp tribute band
  • Excellent repertoire of the original band's hits such as the Logical Song, Breakfast in America and Give a Little Bit
  • Perform as a 7 piece band as standard


The band is based in London but can play all over UK and abroad.

Standard Set Times

  • Performing up to 2 hours+

About this Act

Logicaltramp are a superb tribute act to the legends that were and are Supertramp and are one of the few tribute acts in the UK that have actually been endorsed by members of the original band, saxophonist John Helliwell has even joined them on stage for an unforgettable performance of The Logical Song...

The band perform as a full on seven piece and cover all the band's hits from the aforementioned Logical Song, Breakfast in America, Give a Little Bit Crime of the Century. 

Set List

Ain't nobody but me
Breakfast in America
Easy does it
Lord is it mine
Goodbye stranger
Bloody well right
Take the long way home
From now on
Hide in your shell
You started laughing
It's raining again
Fool's overture
The logical song
Don't leave me now
Give a little bit
Crime of the century


  • 7 piece band - Lead vocals, Lead vocals + synths, guitar, bass guitar, piano, saxophones and drums.


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