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Les Trois Blondes



  • Bal Musette and Ceilidh band
  • Excellent repertoire of vintage Parisian music
  • Perform as a trio as standard and can add a fiddler to become a Ceilidh band


Based in Kinlochard, near Stirling but play all over Scotland an will travel for events.

Standard Set Times

  • 2 x 1 hour with 30 min break but flexible

About this Act

Les Trois Blondes is Scotland's only Bal Musette band playing authentic Parisian cafe music, mostly in waltz tempo -the music of Edith Piaf, Django Rheinhardt, Maurice Chevalier, Paul Trenet and many others. This style of music became popular in Paris in the 1880s.

The line-up is John Burns on 1st accordion, George Burns on 2nd accordion and Fergus Wood on drums and acting as compere. The band play waltzes as well as polkas and foxtrots are featured and dancing is encouraged however the music is not loud and not obtrusive for diners.

The band can also be booked as a four piece Ceilidh band with addition of a fiddler and if your guests aren't native then don't worry as all dances can be called. 


Set List

Clouds - Django Rheinhardt
C'est si bon! - Maurice Chevalier
La Vie en Rose - Edith Piaf
Mademoiselle de Paris - Paul Trenet
Retour Des Hirondelles
Valse Des Marin Pecheurs
La Foule - as sung by Edith Piaf
Lyon - A. Catarsi
Dantesque - Morbidelli this one's a polka
Domino - Louis Ferrari
Triste Sourire - Frans Van Capelle
Cest Si Bon - Henrei Betti a foxtrot
Oceane - Musichini & Poudroux
Reine De Musette - Peyronin
Mario Di Napoli - Roberto Miles & Jean Garcia
Hymne A L'Amour & La Vie En Rose - both made famous by Edith Piaf
Concinnous Musette - John Burns concinnous means elegant and harmonious
Mellifluence - George Burns
Moonlight On The Tay - John Huband
Villa Cracieuse - Arthur Spink
L'Ame Des Poetes Charles Trenet
Requerdos De La Coruna - Addie Harper a Spanish waltz
Invitation Au Musette
Flambee Montalbanaise - Gus Viseur
La Dent Blanche - George and John Burns a mountain in the Alps
Louise - George Burns
Style Musette - Andre Verchuren
Pearl Musette - George and John Burns
Polka Des As
Amis Du Musette - Andre Verchuren
Nuages - Django Reinhardt a foxtrot
Coeur Vagabond - Joseph Colombo
Poesie Musette - Eric Bouvelle & Maurice Larcange
Marissa's Waltz - George Burns
Jeannette - Gus Viseur
Mademoiselle De Paris - Paul Durand
Corinne - Charles Camilleri
Ma Cherie - John Huband
Ballade De Rabouine - Joss Baselli & Gus Viseur
Germaine - Joseph Colombo
Java Des As
Le Pingouin Acrobate - Andre Astier
Le Gamin De Paris - Adrien Mares
Valse Musette - Albert Vossen

Wide repertoire of Ceilidh dances


  • Trio playing French Café music: 1st and 2nd accordions and drums/compere
  • Ceilidh Band: as above with additional fiddler


  1. Les Trois Blondes

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