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Alba Flamenca


  • 2-5 piece Spanish Flamenco act
  • Perform traditional and authentic Spanish music with raw gypsy energy
  • Combine powerful and exciting Flamenco dancers into the Show
  • Can involve the audience in their sets


Based in Edinburgh but play regularly throughout Scotland and across the UK.

Standard Set Times

  • Two 45 minute sets with a 15 minute break

About this Act

Alba Flamenca is a highly respected and experienced set of professional flamenco dancers and musicians: guitar, vocal and cajon player (drums) are the main pieces of the band, but occasional violin or double bass mix with them. They perform traditional and authentic Spanish music with raw gypsy energy as well as intricate rhythms accompanied by powerful, exciting dancers' footwork. Alba Flamenca fills the atmosphere with intensity and intimacy and passion, gradually taking the audience to the depth of flamenco heart.

Alba Flamenca perform for big audiences as well as more intimate. Audience participation can also be included. Workshop of all sorts can be organized: dancing, guitar, clapping or singing. Most of our performers are professional teachers.

Set List

Popular Spanish songs


  • Standard 5 piece band (guitar, vocals, drums + dancers)
  • 4 piece band (guitar, vocals, drums + 1 dancer)
  • 3 piece band (guitar, vocals + 1dancer)
  • 2 pieces band (guitar and vocals) or (guitar and dancer)


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