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Jit Jive Band



  • African band playing infectious Jit dance music from Zimbabwe.
  • Infectious African vibes played by former Bhundu Boy Rise Kagona
  • Perform as a 5 piece as standard and can reduce to a duo
  • Dancers also available
  • Please note, the band only play their own original music


The band are based in Edinburgh and frequently play throughout Scotland

Standard Set Times

  • Preferably one set of 1 to 1.5 hours, though the band are flexible.

About this Act

Jiti is fast-paced traditional dance for Zimbabwean youth accompanied by drums and shakers. Jiti was transferred to guitars and made popular by a number of bands in the 80s including the Bhundu Boys, led by Rise Kagona. The weaving guitar lines and driving rhythms brought international success to the Bhundu Boys, who at their peak were signed by Warner Brothers and toured around the world, playing big gigs such as supporting Madonna at Wembley Arena and playing main stage with top artists at Glastonbury. BBC Radio 1 presenter Andy Kershaw sites them as having changed his life, and the late, great John Peel famously broke down in tears the first time he saw the band perform live.

Rise is now based in Edinburgh and has formed The Jit Jive Band to play his new music. His songs stay true to style that brought him success in the 80s. If anything his music is more rootsy than before - with the addition of marimba and percussion.

At a Jit Jive Band show you'll often see some standing people mesmerised by the sound of the marimba or the skill of the guitarists or the dynamics of the bass and drums. But the music is infectious, and as the set goes on, more and more people dance By the end of the show the whole audience will be dancing and singing along with Rise and his band. Rise also performs a duo - guitar plus African drums - and collaborates with dancers.

"Sunny, intricate guitar lines belie formidable technical prowess"

The Scotsman

“If any music was guaranteed to get things off to a flying start, it had to be the sound of the former Bhundu Boys guitarist's infectious Jit, which was evident immediately as the dance floor filled before the second song was underway.”

Musicport Festival review in Northern Sky Magazine


Set List

Coming soon...


  • 5 piece band consisting of 2 guitars, bass, drums and African xylophone.
  • Also, duo consisting of guitar and African drums.


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