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Islay Roberts



  • Classical music act
  • Excellent repertoire of classical and specially arranged pop
  • Performs either as solo cellist or as duo with classical guitar


Islay is based in Edinburgh and mostly plays in Scotland and will travel further afield if required.

Standard Set Times

  • 30 mins - 45 mins - 1.5 hours - various options for weddings

About this Act

Islay Roberts is a classically trained cellist who has been playing since she was 8 years old and performing since she left university. She plays solo classical baroque and folk and is expanding her repertoire with music that she loves.

She enjoys playing with her brother who is a classically trained guitarist and they often play at festivals and weddings together. She has performed in Canada and Spain but mostly in Scotland. Islay offers to arrange popular music for solo cello to brides who would like a custom piece to walk down the aisle to.

She is from a musical family her great grandmother a concert pianist and her mother a concert oboist and soloist internationally. Islay loves playing at weddings and events, she enjoys a general sense of occasion and bringing music to make it special.

Set List

Suite No. 1, BWV 1007 6 movements - J.S. Bach
Prelude, Allemande, Courante,Sarabande, Menuets i+ii, Gigue
Suite No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1008 6 movements - J.S. Bach
Prelude, Allemande, Courante,Sarabande, Bourees i+ii Gigue
2.3 Suite No. 3 in C major, BWV 1009
2.4 Suite No. 4 in E-flat major, BWV 1010
2.5 Suite No. 5 in C minor, BWV 1011
2.6 Suite No. 6 in D major, BWV 1012

Vivaldi - Movements 6 sonatas
Cello Sonata in B-flat major, RV 47
Cello Sonata in F major, RV 41
Cello Sonata in A minor, RV 43
Cello Sonata in B-flat major, RV 45
Cello Sonata in E minor, RV 40
Cello Sonata in B-flat major, RV 46
Saint Saens - El Cigne
Pachalbel's Canon - own arrangement cello and guitar

Custom arrangements of various popular tunes arranged by Islay for solo cello or cello and guitar including It must be Love, Hallelujah, Unintended and Call of Ktulu by Ennio Morricone

Icelandic Folksongs by Haflidi Hallgrimsson

Scottish Folk Songs -about 50 for solo cello including polkas, marches, strathspeys, jigs and reels, hornpipes, laments


  • Solo cello
  • Cello with guitar accompaniment


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