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  • An original, professional and engaging folk duo
  • Superb repertoire of their own songs as well as a slew of covers
  • Perform as 2 singers, 2 x guitars and stomp box


The act is based in Brighton and play all over Sussex and the South West.

Standard Set Times

  • 1 x 60-70 mins set
  • 2 x 40 mins set with 15 min break
  • 3 x 25 min set with 15 min breaks

About this Act

Dryadic boast an impressive mix up of rhythms which underpin candid, heartfelt lyrics traversing an acoustic spectrum with Eastern European influence at one end, and British trad-folk at the other. The Brighton based duo is made up of songwriters - Zora (vocals, guitar) and Joanna (fiddle, guitar, vocals) from the 'late' gypsy folk-roots 5 piece - The Tatsmiths.

Dryadic's sets include old Tatsmiths' favourites, new collaborations and traditional folk covers. The sumptuous harmonies melt seamlessly into bold, heart-soaring pop hooks, enthralling folk reels and stomping gypsy protest songs. Zora and Jo deftly deploy double guitar, fiddle, dreamy melodies and percussive toys to bring their musings on the human condition to life, creating a captivating, magical sound that promises to ensnare the most diverse of audiences.

“Dryadic effortlessly lassooed a packed out crowd into their gorgeous folk melodies and charming showmanship at The Secret Level last night. Big up to them.”

- Overhead Wires Music, Overhead Wires Music (Apr 14, 2017)

Set List

Colours Of The Hedgerow - Dryadic
Places Like This - Dryadic / Tatsmiths
Lurcher's Paw - Dryadic / Tatsmiths
Play Me A Song - Dryadic / Tatsmiths
Redevelop Our Souls - Dryadic / Tatsmiths
Unconscious Form - Dryadic / Tatsmiths
Soakit Up - Dryadic
Stella - Dryadic
Stupid Like - Dryadic / Tatsmiths
The Things That We've Just Done - Dryadic
French Lesson - Dryadic / Tatsmiths
Gongoozling For Two - Dryadic
In My Blood - Dryadic
Occupy - Dryadic / Tatsmiths
Fisherman's Blue - The Waterboys
Game of all fours - Traditional
The Road - Levellers
Ratcliffe Highway - Traditional


  • 2 piece with 2 x vocals, 2 x acoustic guitars, 1 x violin, 1 x stomp box.


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