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  • Solo to ten people ensemble
  • Fire, LED and Walkabout performances
  • Stilt walking, Hula hoopers, Juggling and dance workshops
  • Great for meet and greet events


The group is based in Edinburgh but regularly perform in venues all over Scotland.

They are happy to take on gigs in England and outside the UK too. They have performed in London, Bristol, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Indonesia and India too.

Standard Set Times

  • 1x 20 minutes choreographed stage show (can be split into 2x 10 minutes)
  • or
  • 1 hour free play spread out in in the duration of max. 4 hours.

About this Act

DeLighters is a performance company based in Edinburgh and their corporate- and wedding shows have entertained many in the UK and around the world since 2008.

They specialise in unique fire shows, LED performances, circus shows and performers, stilt-walkers, characters in lit up costumes or even in costumes matching the theme of your event.

The company has skilful jugglers, actors and dancers, and their choreographies and characters are mesmerising and fun. Apart from object manipulation (contact juggling, hula hoops, poi, staff, fans, flow wand, clubs, contact- and dragon staff) they also use magic, puppetry and unusual objects to entertain with - feather dusters, bubbles, sparkles and glitter. They also have a wide range of objects to set on fire (skipping ropes, bird cages, umbrellas, swords etc), creating a strange and wonderful world around them.

They are the perfect act for "meet and greet", "mix and mingle" or as a stage show. They can also run workshops in hula hooping, juggling and dance to get your guests involved.

Set List

Coming soon...


  • From solo duo and trio performances to large group performances of up to 10 people.


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