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  • 5 - 10 piece Cuban style band
  • Cuban classics from 1930s to 60s
  • Optional lead vocalist
  • Optional strings


The band are based in Reading and London but travel all over the UK

Standard Set Times

  • 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 40 minute sets within a 3 hour period.

About this Act

Cafecito plays a lively pre-salsa style of music still heard on the streets of Old Havana today - charanga!

They play cha cha chas, boleros, danzones and Latin jazz, a flavour of which you may have heard on some of the Buena Vista Social Club recordings. Perfect for dancing and background music, weddings, parties, corporate events and Cuban or Latin themed evenings and concerts.

Set List

El Alacran
La Basura
La Angoa
Negra Triste
Besame Mucho
Los Tamalitos de Olga
La Enganadora
Mambo Caribe
La Ultima Noche


  • 5 piece - flute, piano, double bass, congas and timbales
    6 piece - as above with third percussionist/vocalist
    7/8/9/10 piece - as above with 1 - 3 piece string section


  1. Cafecito

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