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Café Manouche



  • Vintage and gypsy style band
  • Excellent repertoire of pieces from the 1910s to the 1950s
  • Perform as a quintet as standard and can reduce down to a duo
  • Ideal as either a background acts or equally a great main act to get you dancing
  • Requests such as first dances welcomed
  • Themed events such as a 1920s/30s evening or all French music can be arranged


The act is based in London and frequently play across the South East and the Midlands.

Standard Set Times

  • 2 x 60 min sets or 3x40 min sets with 30 min breaks ( can be longer/shorter upon request)

About this Act

Café Manouche are a London based vintage style French jazz and swing act. This young band comprises of three brothers and some friends and can create the perfect atmosphere for your event. They are very versatile and can provide great background music that will compliment your event perfectly, or they can liven things up and fill the dance floor keeping a great diverse set of different tempos and styles.

Playing an ever growing repertoire of music from 1910-1950s including many jazz and Swing standards, Gypsy jazz, French waltz musette and traditional gypsy music with added touches of Latin bosa nova, New Orleans, be-bop and blues. Played and improvised so no two shows are ever the same and in fact they can even tailor their sets to one era (I.e 1920s/1930s etc...) or to a particular style (i.e French themed events).


Set List

Coming soon...


  • Standard quintet option:
    Female vocals, accordion/piano, two guitars, and double bass
  • Quartet options:
    Instrumental - no vocals
    Accordion, guitar, vocals and bass
  • Trio options:
    Two guitars, vocals and bass
    Vocals, two guitars
    Vocals , guitar, accordion
    Two guitars, bass
  • Duo options:
    Two guitars
    Vocals & guitar
    Accordion & guitar


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