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Banjo Party



  • Acoustic bluegrass and country act
  • Varied repertoire taking in songs such as Red Prairie Dawn, Duelling Banjos, Big Scotia and more
  • Perform as a duo comprising banjo plus guitar/mandolin


The duo is based in Bath and frequently perform in various outfits across the country

Standard Set Times

  • 2x 45 minutes

About this Act

Banjo Party are a bluegrass and country act with a wide repertoire of old style tunes and are an ideal alternative background music act, especially for rustic and vintage style events. 

Comprising a banjo player (funnily enough) and a guitarist/manoldin player, set list draws on bluegrass, old-time and swing repertoire. Perfect as background music to any party, dinner or wedding reception.

Set List

Duelling Banjos
Arkansas Traveller
Turkey In The Straw
Forked Deer
Red Prairie Dawn
Shove the pig’s foot a little further into the fire
Silver Spire
Through the Gates
St Anne’s Reel
Daybreak in Dixie
Goodbye Liza Jane
Chinquapin Hunting
Big Mon
Road to Columbus
Temperance Reel
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Bill Cheatham
Red Haired Boy
Angeline the Baker
Monroe’s Hornpipe
Cherokee Shuffle
Over the Waterfall
Saint Anne’s Reel
Clinch Mountain Backstep
Salt Spring
Old Beech Leaves
Dear old Dixie
Black Mountain Rag
Foggy Mountain Special
Midnight on the Water
Arkansas Traveller
Big Sandy River
Red Wing
Salt Creek
Big Scotia
Lonesome Fiddle Blues
Cattle in the Cane
Whisky Before Breakfast
Bill Cheatham
Old Joe Clark
Lost Girl
Blackberry Blossom
Whistling Rufus
Old Dangerfield
Beaumont Rag
Home Sweet Home
Cripple Creek
Walk Along John to Kansas
Angeline the Baker
New Camptown Races
Sally Goodin
Daley’s Reel
Cumberland Gap
Margaret’s Waltz
Jerusalem Ridge
Devil’s Dream


  • Acoustic duo consisting of banjo plus guitar and mandolin


Banjo Party : main Freak Music profile photo


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