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  • Balkan brass band
  • Repertoire of music from Serbian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Romanian, Roma Gypsy communities
  • Perform as a full on 8 piece band and can reduce down through various sizes to a duo


The act is based in London and the South East, can travel nationally if required.

Standard Set Times

  • 2 x 50 minutes, though are flexible and can easily accomodate other timings

About this Act

Balkanatics are the original and Balkan Brass Band from London who were established in 2001 and feature many of superb UK instrumentalists with top Balkan expatriate musicians. They perform lively, exhilarating dance music from the Balkans inspired by the feature films Underground and Black Cat, White Cat.

Featuring trumpets, sax, clarinet, tuba, accordion and percussion, they are able to perform in any size from duet upwards to full on 8 piece band, either acoustically or amplified. They can also perform as a mobile band, for example leading the bride and groom to their ceremony as is traditional in the Balkans. The band have a varied traditional repertoire catering for different Balkan communities as well as Gypsy music which has become very popular in recent years.

'Kick-ass Balkan brass band...their sound is robust, high energy' - f-ROOTS

Set List

Coming soon...


  • 8 piece full band - 3X trumpet/vocals, sax/clarinet, accordion, tuba, 2X percussion
  • 2 piece - sax/clarinet, accordion
  • 3 piece - sax/clarinet, accordion, tuba
  • 4 piece - sax/clarinet, accordion, tuba, percussion
  • 5 piece - trumpet/vocals, sax/clarinet, accordion, tuba, percussion
  • 6 piece - 2X trumpet/vocals, sax/clarinet, accordion, tuba, percussion
  • 7 piece - 3X trumpet/vocals, sax/clarinet, accordion, tuba, percussion


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