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  • Electric & Vocal String Quartet
  • Repertoire covers classical crossover to dramatic and lavishly orchestrated instrumental & vocal pop covers.
  • Optional backing band.


The act are based in London but are willing to travel to most places across the UK

Standard Set Times

  • 20 minute show. 45 minute background set available on request.

About this Act

Asteria are an electric string quartet comprised of four elegant, glamorous girls who are musically trained at the highest level, and graduates of London’s top musical conservatoires.

The girls perform their renowned show at concerts and parties all over the world; at events, private celebrations, and every conceivable opportunity where people gather to enjoy themselves and require a performance of international music and world class quality to set the stage alight.

The world’s most exciting electric string group take a glowing pride in the quality of their show, which they have honed into a fast paced impressive spectacle. When you see an Asteria performance you experience four dedicated girls delivering a high impact show with slick choreography and impressive musicianship.

The Asteria show is a fusion of musical styles, the essence of the show being filled with classical crossover favourites and instrumental versions of pop songs from past and present. The middle of the show indulges into the heart of world music; the girls love to inspire their audience to momentarily escape into the worlds of Cuban jazz bars, enchanted Arabic deserts and Mediterranean nightclubs.

Set List

Spirit Rush
Could It Be Magic
Viva La Vida


  • Electric String Quartet of 2 electric violins, electric viola, electric cello


Asteria : main Freak Music profile photo


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