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Adam Tunji



  • Afro-Fusion - World Music Act
  • Original uplifting themed songs in mixed with English, Pidgin English & Yoruba
  • Perform as a duo to a quartet


The act is based in London and will travel for events.

Standard Set Times

  • 60 minute sets,
  • 2 x 45 minute sets

About this Act

Adam Tunji is an Afro-fusion musician. British born, he has lived in Nigeria and presently resides in England. Adam & the group perform original songs that are reflective of their daily lives. The songs are primarily with an African perspective on things that people experience globally. His repertoire is original compositions written in English, Pidgin English and Yoruba. The songs are suitable with their vibrancy for weddings & corporate events. There is also repertoire suitable for Humanitarian Campaign/Fund-raising Events.

Now performing as a duo to four piece act they have performed at:

•Peace Talks at House of Vans, Waterloo, London, September 2015

• Plumstead Festival, London. 2010 , 2012, 2014 & 2015

• Godiva Festival, Milton-Keynes. August 2012

• The Bowery(Now Ballyhoo), Oxford St., London. March 2012, October 2011, September 2011

• Surface Festival, London 2011

• One World Club Concert, London. 2010


"Adam has performed at the Plumstead Make Merry festivals and our other fundraising events since 2010. He has performed as a solo artist as well as with others on the main stage and on the Tea Tent Areas. In additions to this, whenever asked to do anything Adam has always obliged. For example, he lead a "parade" around the festival site whilst playing his acoustic guitar and singing with only a few minutes notice.

Adam is a consummate professional, always turns up on time with a smile on his face and eager to take part in events. His enthusiasm is inspiring.

The audiences have always enjoyed his performances and he is a welcome addition to our schedules."

Sarah Harper

Plumstead Make Merry Association

Adam performed as part of our “Peace Talks” at House of Vans, Waterloo on 8th September 2015 with percussionist Nadia Al Faghih Hasan, as part of our Talking Peace Festival (

Not only did we enjoy Adam and Nadia’s performance, we found them both very professional to work with, very co‚Äźoperative in setting up and they understood that they were part of the evening.

As individuals they were warm and welcoming, and their enthusiasm and good nature drew a crowd to their performance in addition to their music.

The audience feedback we received was very positive and we would have no hesitation in asking Adam and Nadia back for future events.

Yours faithfully,

Andy Kyriakides

Event manager 29th September 2015

Set List

Afro-fusion original uplifting themed songs in mixed with English, Pidgin English & Yoruba.


  • Adam Tunji- Vocals, guitar, shekere
    Panama Dave- Guitar/Bass
    Justin Sicile- Percussion
    Optional additional keyboard player or solo guitarist


  1. Adam Tunji

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